Online GST verification

GSTIN/UIN Search India,Here you can search your GSTIN/UIN Number all over India Just type your GSTIN/UIN number below and check name and address of the GSTIN/UIN holder.

How To Your Verify GST ?

You can verify the GST number on the verification tool which are available online. You just need to put the GST number in the search tab, check CAPTCHA and click on Verify. The tool will fetch the data directly from the GSTN servers and display them in the search results. The verification process is simple and you will be able to check whether the given number is correct or not. In case the GSTI number is incorrect, it will show an error message. If it is correct, you will need to fill up the following details which are attached to the GSTIN:

  • 1.Legal Name of Business
  • 2.Center Jurisdiction
  • 3.State Jurisdiction
  • 4.Constitution of Business
  • 5.Date of registration
  • 5.Taxpayer Type
  • 6.GSTIN / UIN Status
  • 7.Nature of Business Activities.
GSTIN Structure: Let us see, what constitutes a 15 character GSTIN or GST Number

Form and Structure

  • 1.The first 2 digits of the GST number indicate the unique state code as per the Indian Census 2011.

  • 2.The next 10 characters state the PAN number of the taxpayer.

  • 3.The 13th digit refers to the registration number of the taxpayer with the same PAN number.

  • 4.The 14th digit is "Zā€ by default for all ā€“ which does not indicate anything currently.

  • 5.The 15th digit is the check digit ā€“ can be an alphabet or a number.

Misuse of GSTIN

  • A change brought to the methods used can cause unrest and lead to the misuse of the system. With GST coming into the picture, several businesses have profited from it at a larger level. People tend to use fake GSTIN on the invoices and such cases have surged in number hitting the government revenues big time. However, such evasions certainly cannot last long when the returns are filed as the mismatches would then become clear and cast a light on the culprits.

How to complain about illegal use of GST Number?

  • In case of prevention of the illegal usage of the GST number, you can inform the authorities by emailing them at or call them on the number provided.